Private Lessons (60 minutes each)

Private Lessons (60 minutes each)

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Sometimes, learning one-on-one is the best way for a person, so Sanskar Teaching offers an option to do 30-, 45- or 60- minute private lessons.


This product is for 60-minute Private Lessons


How it Works:

If you decide private lessons is the way to go...

1)   Choose which option you prefer:  30-minute lessons, 45-minute lessons or 60-minute lessons

2)  Purchase the lessons (we sell them in 7-week packages).  Price is per person in the class.  No exceptions.

3)  When your order comes in, we will email you to ask the language you wish to learn, the level you need and your desired days and times.

4)  We will then match you with a teacher

In the event no teacher is available that matches your need, we will refund your full tuition price.


Once your lessons begin, there is no cancelation or refund for any reason.  

You are committed and so are we!