Gujarati PRESCHOOL with Anushi Buxani  (Saturdays 12:30pm EST) (Late Spring)
Gujarati PRESCHOOL with Anushi Buxani  (Saturdays 12:30pm EST) (Late Spring)
Gujarati PRESCHOOL with Anushi Buxani  (Saturdays 12:30pm EST) (Late Spring)

Gujarati PRESCHOOL with Anushi Buxani (Saturdays 12:30pm EST) (Late Spring)

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Pay $210 for 7 weeks of classes 

Cost is PER student.  Please be advised that two students in the same household need to enroll separately even if they are sharing a screen for the class.  

This class is best suited for children ages 3 to 5 years old. Older children should consider looking into Level 1 and 2 classes.

Weekly Sessions on Zoom are live and interactive
Have your children learn the Gujarati language by training with a native Gujarati speaker leading them live in small and personal groups online.

Go to class without leaving the comfort of your own home. During these lessons, students are able to interact with their teacher and fellow students in real-time, ask questions and get answers right away.

What Students Learn
Because of the age of the students in this PreSchool class, language will be taught primarily through activities and verbal skills will include lots of repetition.   
Look forward to learning through Stories in Gujarati, Songs, Simple prayers and some Craft Activities.  Children will play games in class and learn the Basic Alphabet in fun ways.

Classes are taught live online via Zoom, so your children can attend class from anywhere in the world.  Many children join class during family vacation times and even from the backseat of the car when traveling.

A parent is required to attend this class with your young child.

Classes are held with the teacher speaking both English and Gujarati to help new learners improve comprehension. 

Class Size

We realize that this age and their attention span can be different so we are keeping the class size to very small.  There will be a maximum of 8 students so the teacher can give your child as much attention as possible.

Dates and Times

Classes take place every Saturday

This is a 30-minute long class

9:30 - 10am (PST)

11:30am - 12pm (CST)

12:30 - 1pm (EST)

5:30 - 6pm (GMT)


This is for

Late Spring Session  

7 weeks

Classes begin

Saturday May 1, 2021


Saturday June 12, 2021 


The instructor for this class is Anushi Buxani

Class Recordings
A day or two after each class, your class teacher will send you a link to a recording of the class that week.  This allows your student to keep up, even if they have to miss a class or two.  You can also use these recordings to practice the class content or to review the performance of your student.

Cancelation/Refund Policy
When you register your student, we are saving that spot for your student and we do not leave an opening for someone else to come in.  Once you commit, there is no refund for this product.  We do not offer trial periods or enrollment for only part of the semester.  Please be assured that we will do our best to make sure your student's needs are met throughout the duration of class. By completing this purchase you are agreeing to the terms of our cancelation/refund policy.

Classes require a minimum of 5 students enrolled or will otherwise be canceled and you will be refunded the full amount you paid.

Switching Classes
We recognize that there may be times when, after you enroll in a certain class, that you need to change to another class.  

We can usually accommodate your needs if there are class openings.  You will need to get prior approval from us by emailing

Switching is a little bit complicated on our backend, as your purchase is the trigger for receiving curriculum, zoom codes and other class-related information. So we want to warn you in advance that, if approved to move, you will need to purchase the new class enrollment, then email us again, and we will manually go in and refund your original enrollment.