Bhajans for Kids Video Series

Learning Gujarati Bhajans is a great way to dive into the Gujarati way of life.

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    What are Bhajans?

    Bhajans are prayer songs, sometimes simple and sometimes long and expressive. Music is a way to tune out all your worries. Gujarati culture is blessed with so many of this songs. There are some calming and soothing ones and some very upbeat.

    Why learn Bhajans?

    Prayer songs or Bhajans are thought to be very religious and some are. Many Bhajans have a deeper meaning with trust, surrender and light. On days when I am feeling down, I start humming “Hari ne bhajataa haji koi…(song about everything is possible with God who is in all of us)” and the words bring me so much comfort that I begin to feel like, "I got this."

    What people think about the video series...

    "My parents came to Fiji when they were very young. My siblings and I were born here. My family has worked to hard to earn a living and to maintain our Gujarati heritage. However along the way, it was lost a bit. I wanted to make sure my children learned about their roots and may be with them I can learn too. We joined Sanskar Teaching in January this year. My son loves singing this particular grace. His teacher at school noticed that he closes his eyes and mumbles something before lunch everyday. He told me he sings his Saathe ramiye...

    Thank you Vaishalimasi for giving this gift to my child."

    - Rama Popat, Suva, Fiji Islands